Beside creating customized loose tea blends to customers, CHOTiCHA offers international brands of tea accessories, teaware and coffeeware.  

KINTO company history

 KINTO was established in 1972 as a wholesaler of porcelain and ceramic tableware in Shiga, Japan. In the 1970's, we succeeded in distribung and wholeselling the tableware products that were made in Japan. From the mid-1980's to 2000, we had imported and distributed a selected European tableware and glassware brands in Japan. In the mid-1990's, we realized that there are demands among the Japanese people for the new table and kitchen products which fit our daily lifestyle, and since then we have been producing a great number of high quality and unique products designed in Japan. In 2009, KINTO has started a full-scale exporng business, and our products are now welcomed in many countries around the world.


KINTO Design Concept

 All of our products are based on Japanese sensible and conscienous ideas to make our lives comfortable. The original ideas come from our product development team, who researches people’s needs everyday and draws the original concepts of the product. We enjoy developing a wide variety of products with designers. We keep on producing fresh and unique design with a Japanese viewpoint throughout the year. It is our principle to offer the life-long design which stands close to our daily lives.

Pour-over coffeeware for a relaxed and fulfilled time ,KINTO releases the new series of coffeeware SLOW COFFEE STYLE in August 2014. On your day off or for a short break, coffee gives .a relaxed time for you, your family and friends Pour-over is a way of preparing a cup of coffee by a courteous handwork giving a rich aroma of coffee, and it has been familiar to Japanese lifestyle for a long time. We focus on this method and propose the new coffeeware series to provide a sense of values in your lifestyle.



The richness of going slow Time slowly goes by with each drip of coffee; brewed in a beautiful stainless steel filter, then dripped into a gently formed coffee carafe. KINTO brings you a product series Slow Coffee Style (SCS), which lets you experience the taste of coffee brewed by the pour-over method with a relaxed passage of time.Take it .into your liberated lifestyle and have fun with SC.



Organic and cozy form, the reflection of a relaxing space

There is a sense of values to cherish the time and space filled with slow and relaxing atmosphere and to feel pleased by things like beautifully aged vintage furniture along with plants growing freely. The image of such lifestyle was the inspiration of the organic form, which evokes the shape of natural objects and the vintage feeling. The design blending into a space fits naturally into your .hands and you will be attached to it.


Minimal and simple structure with a wide variation

A cup of coffee made by the pour-over method can be easy for you to make, if you have coffee beans, boiled water, a filter, a brewer and a server. To relish the time and the space to make .coffee, SCS is designed to be simple and does not require any complicated procedure or care .The variation of the product which satisfies your style is another charm of this series .The stainless steel filter with fine halls of 0.25 mm is environmentally friendly with its reusability On the other hand, the cotton paper filter is disposable and convenient. Each has the characteristics of the taste as well. The stainless steel filter makes the coffee with more oil from the beans, which gives the richer aroma, while the paper filter makes a clearer. Enjoy finding your .favorite cup of coffee, with SCS.

The Tea Warehouse has been established as an example tea business model for CHOTiCHA's customers.  The model is intended to show the customer how easy and practical to open the tea shop with our supports and to show that tea can be adapted into varieties of final products such as ready-to-drink cold brew tea which is very popular among customers.  The temporary or pop-up shop of the tea warehouse is at the event, temporary weekend market not only to sell the products but also promote the easy, cheap and practical display ideas and packaging. 

The Tea Warehouse also has an e-commerce website to sell imported tea accessories for individual use. Please feel free to check them out.  You will love to have some for yourself.